Why abandon Catholicism to reduce its hold on society

Do not let man have you take his word for the word of God
- rethink being a Roman Catholic

- or is it just a label, a word imposed on you as a child?

Don't let religious opinions of others limit you! Roman Catholicism is only opinion.

The Roman Catholic Church uses the term anti-Catholic against anybody whose avowed purpose in examining the claims of the Church is pro-truth and pro-history. It is a Catholic attempt to disqualify that person. The Church is on a very uncertain moral ground. If the Church has the truth it cannot be harmed by investigation. The Church claims to be the Church of truth and the one true Church. If it is not then the faith of the Church ought to be undermined and doubt must be encouraged. It is only man-made so why not? Why make an idol out of a religion?

This website has a number of goals -
* Principally to urge people to put secular principles before religious ones - to keep religious influence out of health services and politics
(religious influence being understood as any suggestion that the reason, part or full, something should banned is because God says so)

* Secondarily to stop financial donations being made to the Roman Catholic Church

* Thirdly, to dissuade infant baptism and the exploitive ways children are converted to the faith not just for the sake of the children but because this crafty way of getting members gives the Church an unfair influence and power in the world

* Fourthly to show the world that the faith or Church is a man-made product and not what it claims to be

* Fifthly, to obey the Church command to serve the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth and promote it whether it is popular or not. Truth is not about us. Truth is truth.
Do not be silent. Silence allows Roman Catholicism to harm and trick innocent people. To cover for it is going to help no one in the long run. As with everything that others do, if it is wrong you cannot be neutral or encourage it for it is your right to do good as you see fit. In this sense, their religion is your business.

Remember a lie is a harm in the sense that the teller does not mind if it leads to harm and surely robbing a person unknowingly of the truth - not just money - is harm?
Quit Catholicism!


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